Tomcat support in CentOS 7

Tomcat has had a great run with cPanel & WHM. Unfortunately, there are times in life when you know it’s time to say goodbye and gracefully remove yourself from the spotlight to allow others to get the chance to shine.

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Gummy Bears, Yo-Yos, and Theme Parks | WHD.Global Recap

What do you get when you pair a remote area of Germany, thousands of techies, and a random amusement park? Well, you end up with what happens to be one of the most important and needless to say interesting conferences the web hosting industry has to offer.

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cPanel vs Spam: Greylisting enters the fight!

Screen Shot 2015-03-16 at 11.08.45 AMcPanel is excited to announce that 11.50 will include a new feature that  dramatically reduces the amount of spam you and your customers receive: Greylisting.

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Inside cPanel: February Recap



King Cake

While it doesn’t have to be February to feel the love from our Employee Support Division (ESD), this past month the amazing crew of support staff outdid themselves in showing how much cPanel appreciates their talent. With opportunities for continuing education and training as well as a day filled with beignets and baked goods, February was a pretty sweet month to be a cPanel employee.

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3 Apps to Optimize Your Server Performance


Server performance isn’t just an issue for hosting providers, it’s a big deal for web admins, and most of all, for the person staring into a blank browser window, waiting for a page to load. Not only can an overloaded server lead to poor user experience, it can also cause a major hit to a site’s search engine ranking. That’s why we’ve decided to take some time to share some of our favorite cPanel apps and plugins that will not only mitigate the load on your servers, but also work to ensure visitors to your hosted sites are getting the best experience possible.

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How to Set a Default Style with Paper Lantern

So you’ve developed a custom style for Paper Lantern and you’re ready to deploy it to your customers. Here’s how to set all customers on the box to your new custom style.

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Off To 2015

The cPanel team will be exhibiting at March 24-26 in Rust, Germany. Even more exciting, we’ll be debuting our fresh new look! Stop by booth F20 to see what we mean.

Sneak Peek

Can’t wait for the big reveal? Tell us.

Attendees should also make sure to catch the following sessions:

  • “Inflate Your ARPU” – Wednesday, March 25th at 4:35PM
    Presented by Aaron Phillips, Chief Business Officer – cPanel
  • “Agile’s Not Just for Development Anymore” – Thursday, March 26th at 3:40PM
    Presented by Stephen May, Marketing Product Owner – cPanel

Need a free registration code? You got it. Just enter: LXUJLDB

See you there!

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Upgrade to Paper Lantern

Paper Lantern is still in development, but we are getting closer to shipping Paper Lantern as the default theme for cPanel & WHM. Our timeline has only a few more releases before support for x3 is dropped, so it’s time to start thinking about switching over to Paper Lantern permanently.

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Welcome Weebly: cPanel Conference 2015 Platinum Sponsor

Weebly Logo

Our anticipation for cPanel Conference 2015 has multiplied now that our friends at Weebly have jumped on board as a platinum sponsor! To find out how you can participate in our 10th annual conference, check out this year’s prospectus. Then join us, Weebly, and the rest of the hosting industry in Denver, Colorado this Fall.

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