So Where Are We Heading with Paper Lantern?

I realized, as I was reading some blog coverage of Paper Lantern, that we never really laid out the direction we’re heading in with our work. Sure, we’ve talked about how we’re cleaning up the interface and deeply adopting Twitter Bootstrap and all that stuff, but why? Where is this all going?

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Join the cPanel Team – We Love the Way You Work!

Last week, we launched a redesigned version of the cPanel Jobs site, which is the first stop for potential job seekers in learning about the company’s history and culture. While I could go on and on about the awesome creativity and functionality incorporated into the new design (which is mobile and tablet-responsive, BTW), I really want to stress how cool it is to work at cPanel.

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Where Is x4?

A few months ago, we were pleased to release the latest evolution of the cPanel User Interface: Paper Lantern. Among all of the excitement and outreach surrounding Paper Lantern during the last few months, one theme kept recurring, one question kept being asked: Where is x4?

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UI Technology Preview: MySQL Feature Using Modern Tools and Technology

The cPanel User Interface team has been hard at work these past six months. One of the projects we have been working on, in the shadows of the publicly released features, is an exploration of new technology for cPanel’s User Interface. The next stage in this exploration was to find a replacement for YUI2 and our in-house developed CJT (cPanel JavaScript Tools) library.

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Configuration Clusters in cPanel & WHM version 11.44

cPanel & WHM version 11.44 will introduce a new feature to help you manage configurations for multiple servers quickly and easily.

New Configuration Cluster interface in cPanel & WHM version 11.44

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cPanel is Headed to

Next week, cPanel team members from Development, Marketing, Documentation, and Technical Support, along with account managers and executives, will descend upon Rust, Germany to exhibit at This is WorldHostingDays’ main event, as well as the largest hosting event in the world, boasting more than 4,800 attendees in 2013.

As we prepare for our second year at, we’re excited to see some familiar faces and meet some new ones along the way. We’ll be exhibiting at Booth F14. If you have any trouble finding it, then just follow the sound of wooden blocks crashing against each other. Those of you who visited our booth last year will know what I mean!

cPanel's giant Jenga game brought huge crowds and a lot of excitement to the booth at 2013.

cPanel’s giant Jenga game brought huge crowds and a lot of excitement to the booth at 2013.

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i2Coalition Roundup

You might think that going to Washington, D.C. and speaking with government officials about the Internet would be boring, but, let me assure you, that is not that case. Last week, representatives from the Internet Infrastructure Coalition (i2Coalition) showed up in force for Internet Education Day to discuss topics that impact our businesses and to discuss key issues with senators, legislators, and staff members.


Image credit: i2Coalition (

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Ruby is Still Shining!

Thank you to everyone who has participated in the discussion about the Ruby and Passenger updates. As 2014 rolls on, we’re always adjusting and reconsidering our options. Ruby and Passenger continue to be a very appealing project and one that will stay on our to-do list. With that in mind, our research has led us to a new implementation idea for Ruby and Passenger. This new theory would deliver Ruby and Passenger in a fast and efficient manner, but will affect the delivery date that we were originally targeting.

As with all software projects this information is subject to change. Please stay tuned to the cPanel Blog as well as the EasyApache Forums for continuing updates concerning our current projects and work!

To learn more about our implementation of Ruby and Passenger, please read our original Ruby and Passenger blog post from August 2013.

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Brand New cPanel Documentation Site!

The cPanel Documentation Team and I are proud to announce the release of the new cPanel Documentation site. This system features a better search engine (it actually works!) and a more modern, streamlined look and feel.

Debuting with cPanel & WHM version 11.42, the new site features documentation for all supported versions of cPanel & WHM software. You’ll also find a new feature in our documentation: the cPanel Knowledge Base. In this section, you can access documents and how-to articles written by technical analysts, technical writers, and developers that cover a wide variety of topics, including in-depth information about cPanel & WHM software, such as understanding DNS and overall system administration.

If you have feedback to share or run into any issues, please email me at The transition from our old system to our new system is a work in progress and we’d love to hear what you think.

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Blockers for New Installations of cPanel & WHM

With the latest version of our installer, new installations of cPanel & WHM software will be subject to the following blockers:

  • The target version must be cPanel & WHM version 11.40 or higher.
  • For CentOS, CloudLinux, or RHEL operating systems, the installation must be version 6 or higher.

If either of these statements are not true, the installation will fail. These blockers are meant to encourage system administrators to use the most up-to-date software, which will prevent future issues.

To allow additional time for anyone whose servers do not yet meet these requirements, you can perform the following actions:*

  • Install cPanel & WHM version 11.38 as the target version.
  • For CentOS, CloudLinux, or RHEL operating systems, install on version 5.

*When running the installer, you must use the --force command line option. For example, sh latest --force or sh latest-dnsonly --force.
These blockers will not affect existing installations of cPanel & WHM. However, we strongly encourage system administrators to always upgrade their servers’ software to the newest version as soon as possible.

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