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Patchman | A Bodyguard for Your Server

With the internet growing larger and our dependency on digital information growing ever more prominent, the issues of web security are a continual discussion point in the world of hosting as well as amongst the web professionals that float through the halls of cPanel. Not only are we looking for new ways to improve our product but we love to highlight others in the web security space that are making strides to make the world …

cPanel & i2Coalition Go to Washington

The Internet Infrastructure Coalition, or i2Coalition as it’s also known, held its annual Member Fly-In last week. At this event, the group continued its important mission of informing and educating U.S. Senators and Representatives on how the decisions they make shape the way Internet businesses operate in the United States.

cPanel Branding Basics: A Guide for Reseller Hosts

cPanel & WHM is a tool that has become synonymous with web hosting. However, while hosting providers around the world use this software to offer their customers the freedom to manage their websites, email accounts,  databases, and more, they have also been given very few options when it came to customizing, personalizing, and branding the dashboard they offer their clients. This has changed in our recent updates to cPanel & WHM. Now, with additions like …

The new cPanel Sidebar in v54

One of the most prominent things that you will notice in cPanel & WHM v54’s end user interface is the addition of the new Sidebar. With v54, we’ve broken up and reorganized the interface into major areas. The Sidebar is available on every page and surfaces the new and exciting features we’ve been adding from around the product. These are not the applications that you’ll find …

Content Marketing &…MoSCoW

As a content strategist, I’m always searching for innovative ways to think about and market usable, intelligent content. This is particularly vital when communicating highly technical information. It can be difficult for hosting providers and businesses in general to stand out from the pack so I thought I’d share my new favorite content marketing hack.

Global Testing Days are just around the corner

On Thursday, November 5th, cPanel University will be kicking off it’s second ever Global Testing Days. What are Global Testing Days? Global Testing Days, or GTD as we like to call it, is a two-day event where anyone who has previously obtained their Level Two Certification from cPanel University can progress through the level 3 and 4 exams. Normally, Level 3 and up are only available with in-person cPanel proctoring. This means that unless you …