PHP 5.5.1 *EXPERIMENTAL* Available in EasyApache 3.22.2

The long-awaited PHP 5.5 in all of its PHP 5.5.1 goodness is now available through EasyApache 3.22.2

However, PHP 5.5 is only available for cPanel & WHM version 11.38 and later. Also, PHP 5.5 is only currently available for CentOS 6, but it will be available for CentOS 5 in an upcoming version of EasyApache. Continue reading

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The Partner Track: First Steps

Recently cPanel got a new partner in Hyve Hosting! Hyve Hosting is a leading hosting provider in the United Kingdom. They specialize in mission-critical, fully managed Cloud hosting, Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Secure SFTP hosting. They provide dedicated support 24/7/365 to a broad range of clients including Nokia, LG, British Airways, and Phones 4U.

Have you ever wondered about the process of becoming a cPanel partner? Hyve Hosting has been kind enough to share their experience, and we’re excited to check in with them a couple more times over the course of this year to share a solid look into the process. Continue reading

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cPanel Conference Events for 2013

One of the most celebrated components of cPanel Conference revolves around our incredible events. Some would say they’re unlike any other conference party, and we take great pride in that distinction. This year cPanel Conference will have events that “wow” in the grandest scale possible! Continue reading

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Impending End of Life Announcements from the EasyApache Team [Updated 7-31-13]

Just like other times in life, sometimes you have to know when to call it a night and retire gracefully. We’re busting out the hard hats and crowbars to say goodbye to our old friends, Apache 1.3/2.0, PHP 5.2, and Microsoft® mod_frontpage, by the end of 2013. While they may be *End-of-Life*, they’ll live on in our memories. Continue reading

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Part 3: How I Built a cPanel Hosting Environment on Amazon AWS

In Part 2 of this series, we discussed selecting and launching a new Amazon Machine Instance (AMI), creating and configuring that instance to serve as a dedicated name server, and worked through configuring a DNS Cluster for use within your subnet.

Today, we will launch and configure a standard Web Server instance using cPanel 11.39 or newer. I will discuss how to join the new instance to our existing DNS Cluster and how to ensure that 1:1 NAT is configured and working properly.

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The Scrum Method, via Chad McCanna

Here at cPanel, we use the Scrum framework to ensure an organized flow for each project. Recently, Chris, a Technical Product Specialist, asked Chad McCanna, our Scrum Master rockstar, to share some insight about why this works so well for cPanel.

“Chad, in your words, what is a Scrum Master?”

A Scrum Master is classified as a servant leader. They’re basically in charge of facilitating the development process and owning the Scrum framework. They act as a barrier between the product owner, stakeholders, and the team itself. They need to be the conduit through which all information passes, or at least be present during all conversations so that there’s no violation. For example, if you have someone’s manager acting as a product owner, there can be some influence there. The Scrum Master is there to kind of diffuse that, to allow the team to focus on their commitments; so yeah, they wear a lot of hats. In a nutshell, the Scrum Master owns the process and ensures that everyone else is able to do their jobs to the best of their ability.

“When you say “do their jobs to the best of their ability”, and then you state that you’re a facilitator of the development process, can you elaborate?”

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IPv6: Update

Greetings again, I am Phil King, the Product Owner of the Angry Llama Scrum team, which is actively working on IPv6.

Here is a link to a brief demo of the IPv6 features we have completed to date. Our focus thus far has been on enabling IPv6 on website content.

Our IPv6 work is currently targeted for cPanel WHM version 11.40.

Currently, we are working on tools to better handle multiple IPv6 ranges or subnets. This will enable the customers that want to break up a large allocation (e.g., a /64) into smaller ranges, and also assists the customer that gets only a handful of IPv6 addresses.
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Part 2: How I Built a cPanel Hosting Environment on Amazon AWS

In Part 1 of this four part series, we discussed establishing your VPC, creating and configuring your small subnet, and worked through configuring the Security Groups for our two instance types (‘NS_SG‘ and ‘VS_SG‘).

Today, we work on launching a two new instances, running cPanel DNSONLY, into our VPC and configuring these to be the primary and secondary DNS resolvers for our environment. While this series is written with the assumption of using dedicated DNS instances, you could easily use these instructions on dual use instances that both serve as web servers and as name servers.

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cPanel & Softlayer: Kick Off Party, 2013!

cPanel and Softlayer are in it to make a memorable event! Were you at last year’s party? You wouldn’t miss it, right??

This year it’s being held at Maggie Mae’s on 6th street. This co-sponsored kickoff party on Monday, June 17th, will have an open bar, food, and music from Z-Trip & The Flametrick Subs. Continue reading

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Tomcat 7, it’s Nearly Here

EasyApache 3.20 Impending Release

We are proud to announce the impending release of EasyApache 3.20, which includes the long-awaited Tomcat version 7.

Thank you for using the Feature Request System to share your stories about how you have deployed and used Tomcat. You have helped guide us through the development process so that the migration from Tomcat 5.5 to Tomcat 7 is as headache-free as possible for you. The value of your feedback is immeasurable. We thank you for it, and encourage it.

Some of the benefits of Tomcat 7:

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