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WHM Features You Should Be Using When Marketing Your Hosting Business

Let’s be honest, cPanel is a great tool. However, with all the buttons and knobs, features and widgets, capable of being utilized through the platform, it’s one hell of a task to try to grasp the full scope of all that can be done with the software.

Like any industry level solution, there are tools and learning resources available to help you learn how to better maneuver the product. However, in this blog post, we want to provide you with three handy tips and features you should be using to ensure you are giving your business the best opportunity to attract and retain new clients and customers.

Brand your custom software
Where cPanel & WHM really shines is in the fact that there are limitless opportunities to brand the dashboard, webmail, and various other notification and messaging functions in cPanel. This allows you to create a cohesive and unique experience for your customers, and your customers’ customers, as they maneuver through your distinctive hosting and web management offerings.
Branding Overview>>

Offer a demo account
By creating a demo account, you create a resource for yourself, and your cPanel resellers, to showcase an interactive version of the cPanel interface to potential customers. If you have utilized the branding capabilities accessible to you in WHM, then your demo dashboard will be styled in your custom branding.

Learn How to Create a Demo Account>>

Provide unique offerings
There is a world of third-party widgets and plugins you can incorporate in WebHost Manager to offer your resellers and cPanel customers. Matter of fact, some of our most tech-savvy hosting providers even build a few of their own. Check out our Software Development Kit to find out how to incorporate your own custom tools, or head to our app catalog and peruse through some of our featured plugins.

Self-Service upgrades
In our latest release, we’ve made it even easier for cPanel users to purchase upgrades from their hosting providers. With our self-service upgrades, cPanel users can purchase additional licenses, more disk space, and other resources of your choosing.

Discover self-service upgrades>>

There are, of course, tons of additional ways to market and grow your hosting business using cPanel & WHM. Keep up with the cPanel Blog, check out our Releases Site on a regular basis, and leave a few comments on what you’ve found to be helpful in growing and managing your hosting business.


Equal parts prose, positivity, and passion, JR Miller is a web writer that likes using words to connect with people, enhance experiences, and solve problems. Approaching copywriting as both an art and a science, he believes that a good impression is one that stays with you after the browser window has closed.

4 responses to “WHM Features You Should Be Using When Marketing Your Hosting Business”

  1. Mousab Elhag says:

    Thanks for the Great article .

  2. Scott Neader says:

    Sounds like a great blog article in the making. 🙂

    P.S. great to see both of you guys (JR & Benny) at cP1con in Chicago! Fantastic event!!

  3. cPanelbenny says:

    Agreed! I would also suggest doing it in an environment that allows you to rebuild the server quickly, even better if you can automate the process. Then you can rebuild the demo server every night!

  4. These are all really great features, but I don’t suggest creating a demo account on a live server. Even though enabling demo mode restricts the login, it is still a login to the server and historically public demo logins have always led to disaster at one point or another. It may be safe for now, until someone discovers a vulnerability or an exploit, and then every server with a demo account will be hacked. I’d only suggest creating a demo account on a test server.

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