Welcome Weebly: cPanel Conference 2015 Platinum Sponsor

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Our anticipation for cPanel Conference 2015 has multiplied now that our friends at Weebly have jumped on board as a platinum sponsor! To find out how you can participate in our 10th annual conference, check out this year’s prospectus. Then join us, Weebly, and the rest of the hosting industry in Denver, Colorado this Fall.

Stephen Brent

cPanel Marketing Product Owner, lover of beautifully designed emails, and music aficionado. The most important thing for me to know is how cPanel can use marketing to help grow your hosting business.

One response to “Welcome Weebly: cPanel Conference 2015 Platinum Sponsor”

  1. Scott Neader says:

    Now all we need is to connect our customers with GMail and then… wait, we won’t need cPanel or servers at all. 🙁 It will be interesting to see where this is all headed. I would have preferred to find a decent web builder that we could host ourselves, but it seems they are all either hosted or are awful. Perhaps this is the only solution.

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