Updated EasyApache 3 Deprecation Schedule

EDIT: This post is also no longer accurate. EasyApache 3 support will end in December 2018, with nothing more than security updates effective immediately. Read the full blog post: Time to Say Goodbye to EasyApache 3 We encourage administrators that are still using EasyApache 3 to upgrade as soon as possible. If there are blockers or reasons that you are hesitating to upgrade, please let me know! 


In July of this year we announced our goals for deprecating EasyApache 3 and migrating everyone over to EasyApache 4. With the release of cPanel & WHM version 58 we saw record adoption numbers of EasyApache 4 and have seen loads of success for our users in EasyApache 4 environments. However, along with that success have seen a lot of requests for more time to migrate existing servers to EasyApache 4, and we have seen a few really good requests for EasyApache 4 that are preventing some clients from switching. For those reasons, and to reduce the pressure on our EasyApache development team, we have decided to adjust the deprecation schedule for EasyApache 3.

New Deprecation Schedule

We are now extending EasyApache 3 support through cPanel & WHM version 62. The updated deprecation schedule will look like this:

  • v58 – EasyApache 4 is the default on new cPanel & WHM installations

    • With the release of cPanel & WHM version 58, EasyApache 4 will be the default web stack on fresh installations. EasyApache 4 offers full parity with EasyApache 3, with improved install and configuration times. You’ll still be able to use EasyApache 3 if you prefer, with a bit of extra configuration first. To use EasyApache 3 instead of EasyApache 4 at install time, issue this command before installing cPanel:

touch /etc/install_legacy_ea3_instead_of_ea4

  • v62 – Support for EasyApache 3 is Deprecated

    • The last version of cPanel & WHM to support EasyApache 3 will be version 62, currently planned for January 2017. Once version 62 goes End of Life (Currently expected in January of 2018), EasyApache 3 will receive no further updates, and will be fully deprecated.
  • v64 – Support for EasyApache 3 is Removed

    • If you have not yet converted EasyApache 4, you will be prevented from upgrading to version 64.

Where to get more information

Even with the updated deprecation schedule, EasyApache 4 won’t be supported on CentOS 5. In case you missed it, v56 is the last to support CentOS 5. If you want the benefits of EasyApache 4, you’ll need to migrate! Our Server Configuration additions to the Transfer Tool make it easier than ever before.

If you are looking for more information about EasyApache 4 you can start with this post blog post. If you’re brand new to EasyApache 4 you can watch this introduction video that Jacob Perkins put together. We have a public document for tracking the Current Status of EasyApache 4. If you have any questions, find me (@cpaneldev) or @cpaneljacob on twitter, or find Perkins on IRC (Perk on freenode).

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11 responses to “Updated EasyApache 3 Deprecation Schedule”

  1. cPanelbenny says:

    I’m so sorry I missed this! Version 62 will the be the last one to support EasyApache 3, and since EasyApache 4 doesn’t support PHP 5.3 you are correct. We have no plans currently to try to force a migration to EA4 at all, but the current plan is to block updates to version 64 if you are not yet converted to EA4. Let me know if you have any other questions!

  2. Hello Benny. So, cPanel v62 will be the LAST ONE supporting PHP 5.3, is this correct?

    Also, another fact that I want to be sure about is: servers which still use EasyApache 3 WON’T BE forced NOR automatically migrated to EasyApache 4, right? I want to know this for sure because we managed to identify and move all “ye olde” websites to a cPanel server with PHP 5.3, and we need to be sure what is the higher LTS to be set without losing PHP 5.3. This is a request from all those old customers who actually cannot pay a developer to upgrade their websites and migrating to PHP 5.4 or up would basically destroy their sites. And that represents the 15% of our earnings. I bet other webhosts may be in the same boat. So… v62 will be the upper LTS version supporting PHP 5.3?

    Thanks in advance!

  3. Jose Antonio Nobile Rendon says:

    Thank you for your complete answer.

    Is there any way to support JSP and Java EE integrated with cPanel and under Cloudlinux LVE?

  4. cPanelbenny says:

    Custom modules are done a bit differently in EA4 than EA3, but it’s still possible. We won’t be supporting Tomcat in EA4 anytime soon, but you can add your voice to supporting it here:


    Similarly with MemcacheD:


    CloudFlare has an RPM already, which you can install by following these instructions:

    We don’t have official documentation for PageSpeed, but this plugin has done well for our users:

    I know many users that are on CloudLinux have had some problems moving to EA4 due to PHP-Selector, and its convergence with MultiPHP. I’d definitely recommend reaching out to CloudLinux to make sure that you have the most updated information about how that would or would not effect the upgrade process for you, in your environment.

  5. Jose Antonio Nobile Rendon says:

    I have some concerns about migration to EasyApache 4, I will have custom Apache modules? Cloudflare? PageSpeed? Tomcat/JSP? MemcacheD for PHP? What happen with CloudlInux PHP Selector and PHP selector of EA4? Every setting of Cloudlinux PHP selector will remain intact?

  6. cPanelbenny says:

    Hi there. It sounds like you need to find a webhost. I’m not aware of any webhosts that offer free forum hosting, but good luck in your hunt!

  7. هواي هواي says:

    Hello cPanel benny

    Can I own a forum vb Free

  8. cPanelbenny says:

    It should! Our EasyApache team has been hard at work for this entire development cycle making that migration easier and more predictable. I’m excited to see it!

  9. Joao Junior says:

    trying migrate from EA3 to EA4 caused me lots of trouble .. hope it get easier !!

  10. cPanelbenny says:

    Here’s hoping! I’m definitely excited to see better integration between EA4 and CloudLinux overall, and can’t wait to see what they come up with!

  11. Monarobase says:

    Thanks !
    We were a bit worried about the CloudLinux EA4 migration, and as CloudLinux EA4 + PHPSelector is only compatible avec not integrated (making it too complicated for end users) we were going to disable EA4 end user interfaces anyway, so I guess we will be able to stay on EA3 for hopefully long enough for some integration to happen.

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