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The Paper Lantern theme has come a long way since I last wrote about customizing the cPanel interface. As of this date, the instructions are still valid with a few minor adjustments. The theme continues to evolve and with each improvement, the code must also be updated for any custom styles that you may have already created.

With that said, I have created a new template, called cP Starter that allows you to modify the appearance of the cPanel interface and kickstart your own custom style. cP Starter is a base style intended for designers, developers, server admins, resellers, and/or anyone who isn’t afraid to code. Currently, there are two interfaces available at your disposal: Light and Dark. These are both professional, yet minimalistic approaches that can be used as is or adapted to match your company’s branding and logo.

cP Starter Light / Dark

Beta Blues

cP Starter is a work in progress which we will continue to update and refine over time, so don’t be surprised if you encounter any bugs we may have missed. You can expect both cP Starter Light and Dark to be packaged and shipped with cPanel & WHM in future releases, along with the possibility of few additional style options. By then, we should have all of the latest changes completed, including bug fixes and enhancements. So if you’re feeling a bit adventurous and would like to get a head start, let’s get right to it.

Custom Style Installation

First, you’ll want to identify the type of role that best suits your needs in order to complete the installation. Secondly, cP Starter is only compatible to cPanel & WHM 56 or later. For demonstration purpose, the folder “cP_Starter_Light” will be used to guide the setup process.


  1. Download and extract the files from Github:
  2. Place the extracted files in a new folder called cP_Starter_Light and upload them in the following directory: (Note: if the directory folders do not exist, create them in the right order):
    • Server:
    • Reseller:

      (Note: reseller – represents the cPanel account’s reseller’s username)

    • cPanel User:

      (Note: username – represents the cPanel account’s username)

  3. Generate custom icons via command line (Note: this is optional as it replaces existing icons):
    • Both Server & Reseller:
      1. Log in to the server via SSH as a root or reseller user
      2. Run the command line:
        /usr/local/cpanel/bin/sprite_generator --theme paper_lantern --style cP_Starter_Light
  4. Change your default style interface:
    • Server:
      1. Log in to the server via SSH as the root user
      2. Run the command:
        ln -s /var/cpanel/customizations/styled/cP_Starter_Light /var/cpanel/customizations/styled/default_style

        (Note: This sets the default for all new accounts. It does not modify any existing accounts. To do so, you will need to change default style under “cPanel User” instruction.)

    • Reseller:
      1. Login to cPanel
      2. Navigate to Change Style: Home > Preferences > Change Style
      3. Select “Set as Default” to apply every cPanel account or select “Apply” for a specific account.
    • cPanel User:
      1. Login to cPanel
      2. Navigate to cPanel Style: Home > Preferences > Change Style
      3. Click “Apply”
  5. Change cPanel default logo to your own brand logo:
    • Both Server and Reseller:
      1. Login to WHM
      2. Navigate to Branding: cPanel > Branding
      3. Upload your logo under Company Logo


With 5 steps, you should successfully see the new cPanel dashboard interface. You can have multiple instances of styles without affecting the originals. To do this, simply duplicate the folder within the same directory, rename it to your own, and follow the same steps above. I hope this helps you save time branding your cPanel interfaces. Have fun!

Upgrade cPanel & WHM

If you’re not on the latest version of cPanel & WHM, find out how you can upgrade or open up a support ticket to bring you up to speed and start customizing cPanel interface.


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21 responses to “Free cP Starter Style”

  1. cPanelbenny says:

    The starter styles aren’t yet included in cPanel by default, but we’re definitely thinking about adding them in. Our current goal is to include them in version 60.

  2. Dewlance says:

    x3 is outdated. I like PaperLantern because of nice design and look like modern theme. x3 look like 1990 classic theme.

  3. Dewlance says:

    I think this is already provided by cPanel? I see similar theme in my cPanel but can’t find dark theme option. Also please make a dark theme for WHM (Web Host Manager)

  4. cPanelbenny says:

    The best part about Paper Lantern, in my opinion, is its flexibility.

  5. I don’t like this, I like x3 only. Dark is cool but not if i don’t like the theme itself.

  6. cpanelAdamF says:

    You likely need to update your server to cPanel & WHM v58. The sidebar returned in v58.

  7. Srđan Šajin says:

    Hello, i dont have sidebar in cp style light/dark. Is this how it should be ?

  8. cpanelAdamF says:

    We’re doing the preliminary work to bring these in as non-default styles for Paper Lantern. “non-default” means that the styles will be available in the “switch styles” interface, but no accounts will be set to them until you explicitly do so.

    I’m hoping to have these available in our first EDGE release of v60 so that our edge users can play around with them.

  9. Longster says:

    You have the option to select “Set as Default” to apply every cPanel account or select “Apply” for a specific account (in this case just your own cPanel account).

  10. Jose Dieguez says:

    yes, +1

  11. David Christopher Reid says:

    I have a Reseller Account with a Web Host, If I was to upload this, would if affect all cPanel Accounts on the server or just my cPanel accounts set up under my Reseller account? Thanks!

  12. Santiago Gonzalez says:

    Very clean design, good work 🙂

  13. Ljubisa says:

    Great news!

  14. Looks really nice and simple. Very clean design, will be great for beginners and experts to navigate around it.

  15. cPanelbenny says:

    The sidebar is making a return in v58! You can see the discussion of it here:

  16. atxcowboy says:

    Indeed, a clean set of styles. Yes, please add them!

  17. Ljubisa says:

    Your screenshots are outdated. There is no sidebar anymore…

  18. Teotónio Ricardo says:

    Would love that. Tis styles seems to be very simple and clean.

  19. cpanelAdamF says:

    not in v58 as it just went into feature freeze (which means no new features; new styles would be such a feature) but this is definitely something that could go into our development plan for v60 or beyond.

  20. Morten says:

    We sure are!
    These will not be shipped with v58? Is it possible to test them in a demo or could you send screenshots of them to the cPanel mailinglist?

  21. cpanelAdamF says:

    If there’s interest in us shipping these styles in future versions, lemme know. I’m certainly in <3 with them!

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