Blockers for New Installations of cPanel & WHM

With the latest version of our installer, new installations of cPanel & WHM software will be subject to the following blockers:

  • The target version must be cPanel & WHM version 11.40 or higher.
  • For CentOS, CloudLinux, or RHEL operating systems, the installation must be version 6 or higher.

If either of these statements are not true, the installation will fail. These blockers are meant to encourage system administrators to use the most up-to-date software, which will prevent future issues.

To allow additional time for anyone whose servers do not yet meet these requirements, you can perform the following actions:*

  • Install cPanel & WHM version 11.38 as the target version.
  • For CentOS, CloudLinux, or RHEL operating systems, install on version 5.

*When running the installer, you must use the – force command line option. For example, sh latest – force or sh latest-dnsonly – force.
These blockers will not affect existing installations of cPanel & WHM. However, we strongly encourage system administrators to always upgrade their servers’ software to the newest version as soon as possible.

6 responses to “Blockers for New Installations of cPanel & WHM”

  1. Keithl says:

    If like me you’ve downloaded the installer from here then you don’t manually run “sh latest” it just does it for you automatically once the OS install has finished, as such I had no idea what I had to run. Fortunately I see the blog post has been amended to clarify what’s required (I believe following my posting on the forums about it). For anyone unaware, “latest” is found within /home/cpinst, which isn’t in the path and isn’t where you’re left when the install fails, so if you haven’t run it manually before you’re unlikely to know where to find it.

  2. Todd Rinaldo says:

    This isn’t about dropping support for centos 5. It’s more about encouraging people to use centos 6 on a new install. Our intention for this change was not to block centos 5 installs for those who still explicitly have this need.

  3. Todd Rinaldo says:

    What specifically would you like to see made more clear? As far as I know the error message tells you to use the –-force option doesn’t it? there’s also –help provided in the utility. If we can be more clear in the error message I’m happy to make sure that an improvement happens.

  4. Keithl says:

    Would be nice if the error bothered to say HOW you use the –force option. I’m using an old centos + cpanel installer (deliberately, I need to test something), so it all happens automatically, and now I have to work out how I manually re-initiate the install with that option.

  5. NIBB says:

    But CentOS 5 is supported until 2017. Its not EOL yet as far as I know.

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