Where Is x4?

A few months ago, we were pleased to release the latest evolution of the cPanel User Interface: Paper Lantern. Among all of the excitement and outreach surrounding Paper Lantern during the last few months, one theme kept recurring, one question kept being asked: Where is x4?

The x4 project is no more. If you have the x4 plugin installed, we encourage you to uninstall it. It will receive no further updates. Information about x4 will eventually be removed from our site.

The goals that we want to achieve, such as a fresh, modern interface and mobile responsiveness, will be realized by Paper Lantern. In addition, Paper Lantern has a new goal: It must be 100% usable in every release of cPanel & WHM. Since its introduction in cPanel & WHM version 11.42, Paper Lantern has met these goals and more. You can follow its development in the following ways:

We appreciate the feedback that we received from people regarding x4. Much of that same feedback went into our backlog and provides guidance for Paper Lantern.


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  1. So what are the major differences in Paper Lantern vs. x4? The naming convention of x4 makes more sense, so I imagine there is something going on here we’re not seeing as to why “information about x4 will eventually be removed from our site.”

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    Thank to sharing articles and services


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