Version 66 Backup Updates

Here at cPanel, Inc., we pride ourselves on our customers’ satisfaction. Our goal has always been to create an experience unlike any other. We do this by implementing new features based upon your requests and by enhancing the current system to perform faster, more efficiently, and smoothly.

Google Drive™ and Rsync Backup Destinations

Many of you requested the ability for a Google Drive transport with Backups. And as of cPanel & WHM version 66, that is now an option. However, we at cPanel are overachievers. We didn’t stop just there. We also implemented a new Rsync transport. Now you can take advantage of Rsync AND Google Drive with your backup destinations. But these destination types aren’t the only features worth mentioning. These new destination types increase your system’s customizability, as well as performance.

Improved, and Remote Incremental Backups

In addition to the Google Drive and Rsync destinations, we’ve reduced the memory cost of backups and introduced a new design for incremental backups and their ability for multiple retention points. Using the Rsync transport destination, you can also now store your incremental backups remotely! Take advantage of the speed and reliability of incremental backups, while retaining the peace of mind of hosting your backups remotely.

Custom Backup Destinations

You now have the ability to create your own custom transport with Google Drive or Rsync. If you would like to learn more information about the benefits these destination types bring and how to set them up, read our Custom Backup Destination Guide documentation.

The Future is Bright

There are several exciting features that we’re hoping to see land in the next release. In the following months, we’ll be working on File and Directory-level restores of your backups. With these new features, you can select one file from your backups to restore, or restore an entire directory. We’re very excited to share these features with you. The future is bright here at cPanel, and we’re thrilled to be joined by you on this adventure. Until then, keep sending in your requests. And we’ll keep delivering.

For additional information about custom transports and backup configurations, check out the following documents:

15 responses to “Version 66 Backup Updates”

  1. Fouad Fouad says:

    Thanks for the new updates and the new features!
    I just tried the new incremental backup and noticed something strange, firstly I noticed rsync is doing a complete rsync of /var/lib/mysql, so I though it’s not a suitable backup tool for Mysql, because we must shut down Mysql firstly or I think we may flush and lock tables firstly before doing a like backup, to avoid inconsistencies but when we use a supported Mysql backup tool like for example mysqldump it will take care of every thing for us, and we can restore later without being worried of tables corruptions.
    Afterwards I notices another Mysqldump is running for every account, so why 2 Mysql backups are running, this will increase the disk space used for backups and consume more hardware resources fro no benefits, is there any hidden benefits for this behaviour.
    I will try the incremental backup with its new updates for some days and see if it will benefits me rather than compressed backups.

  2. benny Vasquez says:

    Unfortunately we cannot provide support on the blog. Please do follow your normal support channels (either with your webhost or license provider) to get that corrected. If you have root access you can also open a ticket with our support team:

  3. Ali Güngör says:

    Thank you for your great work 🙂

  4. Scott Neader says:

    File and Directory backup. Yes and Yes!! Can’t wait to be able to restore public_html without having to ALSO restore email (which the customer didn’t have any problems with). Thank you for your work on this!

  5. Scott Neader says:

    We have restored plenty of backups from terminated customers over the years, because the backups were still in the daily directory (plus, we occasionally move these old backups to a special “terminated” directory to preserve them… just in case). Thanks for the reminder about that Feature Request… that is definitely a must have, in my book.

  6. William says:

    Ok, thanks.

  7. cPanelbenny says:

    Yup! I do understand. In this case I think you are being effected by a change in how backups are stored in the new backup system. Unfortunately this isn’t something we’re currently working on, but I describe the problem more on the feature request for it here:

  8. William says:

    For example. I had a client who stopped paying the monthly fee for the hosting. Three months later the client wanted to re-host with me, but he wanted to know if I had a backup of his site. If WHM kept the backup for 3 months from this account that had been terminated, I could regain the client, but since I did not have the backup because WHM deleted, I lost the chance to recover the client, did you understand?

  9. cPanelbenny says:

    Can you elaborate for me a bit? What kind of backups are you taking right now, and how are you attempting to restore?

  10. William says:

    When Will it be possible restore backup of terminated accounts? This function was removed in the last versions and it is very important to recovery clients and sales.

  11. cPanelbenny says:

    Oh! So sorry I didn’t catch those in proofing. I’ve updated them to our live documentation servers. 🙂

  12. Jon says:

    Looks exciting!

    The bottom 3 links are not currently working ( doesn’t appear to be accessible).

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