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July 2017 Development Update

In case you’re new here, we try to do a cPanel Development update once every month. July has been a roller-coaster of a month for us, but it’s ending at the top of the hill. Let’s talk about the new stuff, the old stuff, and some fun stuff. Version 66

Conference Planning and Venue Picking

Hi, I’m Ken. Many of you know me as the man in the green hat. Earlier this year our Marketing Department was pulled away from the conference to work on other things, and I offered to take over the planning to make sure we still had a conference this year. In May I went to finalize things with the venue and took a few folks with me along with …

June Development Update

The month of June is all about putting the finishing touches on version 66, and getting started on version 68. Version 66 hit Feature Freeze last week (take a look at this post about the cPanel Development Process if you aren’t sure what that means), so we know what features will and will not be in version 66. We went into planning for version 68 just a few weeks ago, and our teams are starting work …

May 2017 Development Update

With version 64 in the STABLE tier, we’re getting more and more time to work on what’s next. Let’s talk about some of the stuff that you can test right now in the EDGE version of cPanel & WHM, version 66. Backups! Multiple Remote Incremental Backups One of the most exciting things included in version 64 was the ability to retain more than one incremental backup, and be able to restore …