Spotlight On: API Docs & Writing a cPanel Plugin

As of today, cPanel’s API1 and API2 are fully documented. cPanel’s x3 interface is entirely API-driven, meaning that every action you can perform in the cPanel interface is now documented and can be automated through our XML-API or reimplemented in a unique theme.

Accompanying the complete release of our API documentation is a guide called Writing cPanel Plugins. These documents cover all of the steps required to create a cPanel plugin, in addition to some tools you can use.

These tools include:

  • LivePHP – A PHP class that allows you to use object-oriented programming to access cPanel’s APIs
  • cPanel Template Toolkit (cptt tags) – A template-driven API2 parser that utilizes the Template::Toolkit library, making API2 easier to use.

As always, if you need help, don’t hesitate to post in the Developer Discussion forum.


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  1. Ed Ewing says:

    Definitely a welcome addition to WHM. Very nicely done. 

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