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Pointing two URLs to the same website


Pointing two URLs to the same website is a good way to direct traffic to your site from several different domain names. You can accomplish this in two ways: either redirect one of the URLs to your primary domain, or park one of the URLs, which points that domain towards your primary domain.

Redirecting a website

A redirect occurs when typing a web address in the address bar sends a visitor to another website (or URL), different from the one typed in. For example, if you moved your website content to a new URL, you can direct your seasonal visitors (who may remember your old web address better than your new one) to your new location, using a redirect.

Parking a domain

Parking a domain does the same thing as a redirect, except that the website name shown on the address bar does not change. Think of it as using two different picture frames for the same artwork. The website content is the same for both URLs (the artwork), but what changes is the URL shown in the address bar (the picture frame in the example). For example, is parked to (try it).

You can park several domains to the same page. They have to be registered with a valid domain registrar before you can park them. Also, you’ll need to make sure the nameservers are the same as your primary domain (the domain that you are pointing towards).

Important: Make sure you know what type of hosting account or package your account has. If you have a reseller account, you will need to ask your provider if you have access or permission to park a domain. If you do not have permission to park a domain, then you may be able to redirect one of the URLs instead of parking it. If you have permission, ask how many domains you are allowed to park.

How to park the domain using the cPanel interface

To park a URL, go to the Domains section and click on Parked Domains in the cPanel home page (or type Parked Domains in the search bar). Type your domain name in the text box under Create a New Parked Domain and click on the Add Domain box.

If there are no issues, you should see a message like the one below:

If there are issues (like your domain having the wrong nameservers), you will get an error message. Make sure you have solved the issues highlighted in the box above to minimize your chances for errors.

Rosie Arcelay

Rosie has been a technical writing cPanel Elf since 2010. She specializes in writing API docs for cPanel internal development and in user advocacy.

  • Chan Sensamnang

    Dear team,
    i want to redirect page as sample.
    Example: when i click on url link: then it will to open (and 5second) will redirect to website:
    Thank for command

  • Jefrey

    im having 7 different website, and i’d like it to point it into one new website, is it possible? how? thanks for the help 🙂

  • Can I point two different domains like and to . Please let me know, I’m confused.

  • Bill

    Too much adding sub-domain with root domain could create spaming, so make sure do not add more than 2 ad-on with root domain like

    • samuel

      i dont think adding sub-domain with root domain is consider spamming as long you are creating unique content on sub-domain.

  • Cassy

    Umair i think you are confused with root and sub domain, root domain act as a primary domain like, although sub-domain look like

  • mellohmel

    Can I use the same Seattle based website that I currently have in a different state like Beverly Hills, CA where I moved and currently live or do I need to have a new website for Beverly Hills, CA?

    • cpnathanli

      If your website has content focused on the Seattle area then you may want to make adjustments to it so that it is suited for your new location. This blog post demonstrates how to point two URLs to a single, existing website.

  • Umair Aziz

    Hi Rosie I have a question for you regarding Root Domain, Which one is a good practice do you thing?

    This is my sub domain

    This is my Root domain in same hosting account

    Without redirect it show , and with redirect i will show URl mentioned above.

    I don’t know which one is the good practice regarding SEO point of view and Google perspective.