No Server Left Behind! (Removal of MySQL Blockers)

Earlier this year, we implemented a blocker that requires you to upgrade your MySQL server to version 5.5 or later before you can upgrade your cPanel & WHM server to version 11.44.

We are removing the blocker from cPanel & WHM versions 11.40 and later for MySQL versions 5.0 and 5.1 so that you can use the new and improved MySQL update tool that we will release very soon.

This does not mean that cPanel is supporting MySQL 5.0 and 5.1 again – those versions are not receiving security updates and patches from Oracle and are highly insecure. We are removing the blockers for the sole purpose of allowing you to upgrade to cPanel & WHM version in order to use the MySQL update tool that no longer requires upgrading Apache and PHP at the same time.

We currently plan to reinstate the MySQL blockers for cPanel & WHM version 11.46.


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6 responses to “No Server Left Behind! (Removal of MySQL Blockers)”

  1. Tony Kammerer says:

    Great change, thanks. I notice also that the new MySQL upgrade corrects some my.cnf settings that were deprecated. Can you provide a list of what variables are changed?

  2. @mariorodriguez  says:

    If you continue to experience the issue after trying again please feel free to “Submit a Request” by visiting our support teams are available 24/7

  3. Root says:

    cPanel&WHM is the minimum version required that removes the MySQL upgrade blockers. Today, version was made available on the RELEASE, CURRENT, and EDGE release tiers. Prior to today the latest version was, which explains why you may not have been able to upgrade just yet with an older version of MySQL installed.

    Please try again today, provided your sever is on one of the aforementioned release tiers. 🙂

  4. Tot Dental says:

    No more efficient way to eliminate competition, do you have a competitor? buy it. Do not give support to your technology and let it become unsafe. Now you can sell your product at the price you want without competition, this is what is happening with MySQL. Regards from Tot Dental

  5. Kenneth says:

    Still getting error when trying to update:
    fatal: Newer releases of cPanel & WHM are not compatible with your
    MySQL version: 5.1. Upgrade your MySQL server to a version greater or
    equal to 5.5

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