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My Life as a cPanel Event Planner

Whether it was organizing the Weimer High School Prom or laying out the logistics for an international conference, I’ve spent much of my life developing and creating experiences for others. And while event planning is something I have always been interested in, I am happy to say that for the past 12 years, I have been able to make a career out of it.

I love all the moving parts that go into the creation of an event but what I love more are the smiles and the expressions of the people that get to enjoy what I’ve worked on.

That being said, 2016 has been a particularly grin-worthy year. Along with the rest of the cPanel marketing team, I started our new, one-day event series; cP1Con. This show, which is traveling to cities throughout the US, means more moving parts, more strategizing, and of course, more smiles.

My life as cPanel Event Planner
My life as cPanel Event Planner
My life as cPanel Event Planner

While the first event launched in January the planning for the show began much sooner. In October, I spent hours researching costs and locations, in addition to creating a budget. I was on the computer and/or phone with hotels hammering out contracts, schedules, floor plans and other details. Once we choose the event locations and signed contracts, I started to arrange services such as sponsorship and speaking opportunities, catering, audio visual needs, and transportation. The marketing team works hard at promoting these events and making sure attendees get the most value out of every event.

As we get closer to each event, I begin to pick out the swag and other giveaway items for our attendees. I have the onerous burden of testing various toys, knick-knacks, treats and clothing items to determine what will be the best stocking stuffers on event day. Our t-shirts are always a favorite!

On event day, I am on-hand monitoring food setup, booth placements (for cPanel Conference only), helping attendees register and check in and double checking all of the microscopic details that go into making the event run smoothly.

Post event, I send out surveys asking for feedback then sit down with the marketing team to investigate whether the conference met attendees’ expectations. This process helps us decide if we will continue doing events in a particular location or whether we need to dedicate more resources to outreach and promotion.

I am lucky to have a job where I can enjoy and look forward to the years to come. For this reason, I like to stay on top of the industry trends and have listed them below if you care to take a gander.

Still want to know more? No problem. Come chat with me in person at our upcoming cP1Con events in Chicago and Philly, or later on this year at the 2016 cPanel Conference, WEIRED.



Clarissa Marshall

I love cheese, I love my family, and I love creating experiences for cPanel customers, clients, and employees around the globe.