LiteSpeed Web Server Now Supported

cPanel is excited to announce support for LiteSpeed Web Server. This integration is part of our ongoing effort to provide cPanel & WHM users with the web hosting options that they need to grow and succeed.

LiteSpeed Web Server, or LSWS, is an event-driven HTTP server with a convenient plugin for cPanel & WHM users. This plugin allows users access to a large breadth of LSWS functionality within the WHM user interface. Available functions include installation, one-click Apache and LSWS switching, and PHP building.

cPanel & WHM users can now choose between Apache or LiteSpeed Web Server software and still receive the high level of support (our average feedback rating is 9.6 out of 10!) that they have come to expect. Using our ticket system, cPanel and LiteSpeed will work together to deliver fast, complete issue resolution.

To learn more about LiteSpeed Web Server, including how to install and enable the cPanel & WHM plugin, visit the LiteSpeed Technologies site.


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14 responses to “LiteSpeed Web Server Now Supported”

  1. Mark says:

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  2. Eddie says:

    This is a welcomed addition to Cpanel and WHM – I really think that NGINX would also be advantageous so that our users will have a nice choice of webservers to use.

    Thanks again Cpanel
    Eddie @ MySHH Ltd

  3. invity says:

    This Awesome News.. Very useful Thanks for sharing..

  4. nani alg says:

    I nedd cpnal pleas <———–

  5. Havenswift Hosting says:

    This is great news and provides official support for a setup that many have been using for a while. Unfortunately, it looks like it will only ever be the LiteSpeed Enterprise Edition as to quote from their website this “provides some features above and beyond OpenLiteSpeed: hosting control panel compatibility, .htaccess file compatibility, mod_security compatibility”.

    Support for Nginx (standalone or with Apache) within cPanel would the next logical and welcome move – any news on this as it has been discussed for years on your forums

  6. Omar Khatib says:

    is it paid or not ??

  7. Lincoln Maurice says:

    Looks like this is “support”, not just “compatibility”

  8. Ali Allomani says:

    which to support nginx !

  9. Scott Neader says:

    Wish the LiteSpeed licenses were more affordable…. costs more than cPanel!

  10. Anand Gupta says:

    Does cpanel support the open source version or only the licensed version ?

  11. John lee says:

    cPanel & WHM users can now choose between Apache what can issues in this work

  12. johnnynnn says:

    Great news, but I’ve had a WHM-based Litespeed VPS for a couple of years… is this new?

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