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Keep Email Abuse Off Your Machines


Web hosts are businesses. While there isn’t necessarily a tangible brick-and-mortar storefront, a Web Host’s servers are the operating centers for their service. With countless amounts of data running through their machines and numerous customers depending on reliable service, we do our best to equip hosts with the tools to monitor all the things that may be happening with their machine. In version 66 of cPanel & WHM, we’re happy to introduce one more.


Set Email Notification Thresholds

Web hosts can now receive notifications about accounts or domains that are sending excessive amounts of emails. More specifically, in WHM under Tweak Settings, a hosting provider can enable a notification to alert them of the number of emails being sent from a single domain if it exceeds a given a threshold. If they continue to receive alerts, hosting providers can choose any response they see fit, including setting actual send limits on their users’ accounts, suspending or terminating accounts, or simply contacting their users.



Why we love this feature?

While this feature is a step further in our mission of making the internet a more secure place, we especially love that it was suggested directly by one of our users. Furthermore, this feature can also indicate a compromised account, it helps manage bandwidth usage, and it can prevent a complete roadblock of emails in the case of a hosting provider using a third-party to relay email.

Test out this function now in Tweak Settings or read more about how to set email send limits in our Documentation.



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2 responses to “Keep Email Abuse Off Your Machines”

  1. Alan says:

    Yep – I like that – it’s about time, thanks 🙂

    Now can we get some Active Active redundancy added as per all the feature requests. 🙂

  2. We’ve been getting notifications like these for a long time – but it is nice to see it built-in!

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