EasyApache 3: It’s been a long road, but it will be time to say goodbye soon.

It’s that time. No, not breakfast, or lunch. It’s time that we are finally defining the End of Life for EasyApache 3.  EasyApache 3 will be fully deprecated, receiving no further updates as of December 31st, 2018. This date allows us to end support in line with PHP 5.6; the last PHP version in EasyApache 3. There’s a lot to do before we get there, though, so let’s go through some details.

The Holdouts

Over the past 2 years we have worked to make EasyApache 4 the new standard for webstack usage in cPanel & WHM. While we’ve been working so much on EA4, there are two big things we want to address. Our current FastCGI implementation needs to be iterated on, and we need to add Tomcat support. These two are preventing the last few cPanel & WHM servers from migrating to EasyApache 4 and we want to give these server administrators an easier migration path. 
  • FastCGI
    • Our FastCGI implementation is currently defined as an experimental implementation. We are planning to iterate on this numerous times to ensure compatibility with MultiPHP.
  • Tomcat
    • We will be adding Tomcat support to EasyApache 4. The first step will be to have an experimental RPM for Tomcat out within the next couple of months, and we plan to add full support to cPanel & WHM before EasyApache 3 reaches End of Life.

The Deprecation and Blocker Plan

Our goal for 2018 is to release 4 new versions of cPanel & WHM, and that allows us to use cPanel versions to track the steps toward deprecation. Our current plans are as follows:

In cPanel & WHM version 72 (which we anticipate releasing around March of 2018) we will add a warning in the EasyApache 3 interfaces (both the command line UI and in WHM) displaying EasyApache 3’s End of Life date, and include links to the EasyApache 4 Migration UI. That warning will remain unchanged until v76. In v76 we will add that you won’t be able to upgrade to version 78 without migrating to EasyApache 4. 

tl;dr version: 

  • Advisements added to v72
    • Warnings will be added to the EA3 Interfaces to advise the fact that it is going EOL soon.
    • Links to the EA4 Migration UI will be added to the EasyApache 3 interfaces.
  • Deprecated in v76
    • Warnings will be added to the EA3 Interfaces to advise the fact that it is the last version of cPanel & WHM that will support EasyApache 3.
  • Removed in v78
    • We will be completely removing EA3 and all accompanied code in this version.
  • Upgrade blockers added to v78.
    • You will not be able to upgrade to v78 if you are running EasyApache 3. You must upgrade to EasyApache 4 to upgrade to v78.

If you haven’t migrated to EasyApache 4 yet, it’s easier than ever. Check out our documentation to get started.


Updates to EasyApache 3 from now til Dec 31 2018

Since we’ve been focusing on EasyApache 4, we haven’t done much to the EasyApache 3 codebase over the past year. We will continue this trend until we fully deprecate EasyApache 3. This means, the only changes we’ll make to EasyApache 3 would be the following:

  • Software Upgrades
    • We will update currently provided EasyApache 3 PHP versions as they are released.
      • Currently, the only PHP version provided by EasyApache 3 getting updates is PHP 5.6.
    • We will update Apache 2.2 and 2.4 to current versions as new versions are released.
    • Any other software will not be updated.
  • Critical security changes  / Defects
    • We will only address critical defects and critical security issues with EasyApache 3.

Help us help you!

Have some reason why you can’t upgrade to EasyApache 4? We want to know! Comment below, or join the discussion on the cPanel forums in our thread here: 


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13 responses to “EasyApache 3: It’s been a long road, but it will be time to say goodbye soon.”

  1. benny Vasquez says:

    I can’t speak to Hostgator specifically (and if they’d like help they should definitely open a ticket with our awesome support team) but with close to 85% of cPanel & WHM servers on EA4, and the majority of our partners already moved, I can say for certain that EA4 works fine in a shared environment.

  2. Kamrul Hassan Bappy says:

    Thank you for your reply. I have a friend at Hostgator tech team. They also use EasyApache3 for their resellers and they planned not to go with EA4 anytime soon because its possessing negative impact with shared hosting server resources. They are using customization to support PHP7 along with EasyApache3.

  3. benny Vasquez says:

    EA4 is certainly stable for shared hosting environments, but it’s troublesome that you’re not seeing the same success. I do see your ticket. I also see that your ticket was bumped from the complimentary queue to the paid queue. As soon as we are able to, our support team will get you squared away.

  4. Kamrul Hassan Bappy says:

    It seems several of cpanel users also open thread regarding high cpu usage arises after EA4 migration and high Memory usage per process made by new EA4. How EA4 handle PHP process which
    makes such amount of extreme level of CPU usage% when SUPHP is running?! I need to get some developer response in this case. EA4 definitely not a stable platform for shared webhosting providers. Ticket# 8987761

  5. benny Vasquez says:

    Hi there! EA4 is definitely stable. I’m sorry you’re having problems. If you can please send me the ticket number I’ll take a look and see why you haven’t gotten a reply. benny@cpanel.net

  6. Kamrul Hassan Bappy says:

    Already opened a ticket but no reply. We have servers where 4000 cpanels are there. EA3 + SUPHP + MPM EVENT is easily handle all customers load statys between 6-10. However as soon we transfer to EA4 + SUPHP + EVENT MPM, server gone like crezy load and load is always 25-30+. Tried Prefork + CGI + EA4 and load is 15-20. It seems EA4 PHP process takes more RAM and CPU Usage% as well high server load for Shared Hosting providers. We have tried with our other servers and each of them reflect the same. How you depriciate EA3 where EA4 is not not stable at all. The PHP processing is different for EA4 and it tooks high resources than how EA3 handle PHP processes. Kindly assist with this.

  7. Jacob P says:

    Have you put in any tickets on this? This hasn’t been our experiences, and I’d like to ensure that something isn’t off with your environment.

  8. Kamrul Hassan Bappy says:

    EA4 sucks for shared hosting provider. SUPHP consume more CPU load% in EA4. In EA3 with SUPHP we dont see such high CPU usage ever. However EA4 php processing system sucks and when we have lot of users on server the server CPU load gone too high.

  9. benny Vasquez says:

    I’m so glad we’re going to be able to help!

  10. benny Vasquez says:

    So true! And if you get in a bind, you can always revert and open up a ticket. 🙂

  11. Scott Neader says:

    It’s just a scary migration, when you factor in CloudLinux with Alt/Multi-PHP, custom Apache includes, etc. But we’ll be dragged into it, sooner or later. 🙂

  12. Raj Janorkar says:

    Tomcat support is holding us to go to version 4, thank you for considering our request.

  13. Eric Poulin says:

    Yay Tomcat Support!!

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