Hi, I’m Phil. How can I help?

Greetings and Salutations!

Hello everyone! My name is Phil, and I am the newest member of the Community team at cPanel! I’m very excited to join the Community Team and work with everyone who touches cPanel & WHM! I have worked in the web hosting industry for about 7 years. My roles have included frontline support, system administrator, and communications. I’ve been very lucky in taking two things that I love (arguing and the internet) and being able to carve out a career.

Why Choose cPanel?

As a fan of the company and its software, I was awaiting a chance to join the team. An opportunity arose, and I was fortunate to join benny and the community team.

have been involved in communities surrounding my biggest interests over the years and am very fond of discussing their minutiae. Topics such as why a certain character does a thing, or Jose Altuve’s wORP rating, to why a creative decision may or may not have worked, have always been interesting to me. It seemed natural for me to take the opportunity to do the same thing for a product and company I’ve admired and respected for many years.

Succeeding as a Community

For a product to succeed, the community’s voice is an integral part of the discussion. The people who actively use a thing are going to be the biggest proponents for that thing. While developers, QA testers, and support persons are instrumental in the growth of a product, those people who eat, sleep, live and breathe the product every day have an invaluable insight to offer. My goal is to build the relationship between those users and the team here at cPanel. Taking the praise with the criticism is important to making the best cPanel possible! I would love to see the cPanel community become a place where any user can reach out to another for help and guidance. I want to see a free flow of ideas and thoughts between cPanel and its users and foster a positive relationship.

A Little About Myself 

What are the things that I’m into? I love watching Marvel movies with my two daughters, being a novice foodie with my wife, playing the bass guitar, amassing a large action figure collection, Houston Astros baseball, defending the universe as a Hunter in Destiny 2, working on my dad’s Jeep, collecting band hoodies, or dreaming up insane theories with the rest of the GoT community on Reddit. You can come join me at the 2018 cPanel Conference, here in Houston, and we can talk about any of those things!  And if you let me buy you a beer, I’ll tell you the story of being at Game 5 of the World Series! Yes, that game.

We encourage everyone to keep the lines of communication open through our Feature Request site, the cPanel forums, and our new Slack and Discord channels! You can also reach me via Reddit or our cPanel subreddit!


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