Hi, I’m Megan! How can I help?


Hello everyone!  My name is Megan and I’m the newest Community Manager to join the team at cPanel.  I’m really excited to join the team and ready to hit the ground running. I have a background in community outreach and digital marketing. Over the last year and a half, I became involved in the startup and tech community by participating in hackathons, organizing events, and learning to code. I am also one of the curators for Houston Startup Digest. My hobbies include yoga, podcasts, cooking, and playing fetch with my cat. My goal in life is never paying full price for anything. Cashback, points, promos, and BOGO are music to my ears. I pride myself on being a lifelong student who excels in both the analytical and creative spaces.

Why I Am Here

Last year, I decided to step out of my comfort zone and participate in a coding bootcamp. Although I was really excited to learn how to build cool applications and I was impressed with my new coding skills, I knew I wasn’t going to be satisfied solely as a developer. I wanted to marry my skillsets and I wanted to utilize my new technology skills in a way that I could sit in between product development and the end- user. I wanted to help give a voice for users. Community Management was a perfect fit. I find it very serendipitous that I discovered the Community Manager opportunity through an online community, but then again, part of me understood that I was only going to find a job that was a perfect fit by networking and connecting in a community.

I strongly believe that good community management is all about personal touch. It’s how a brand can show it cares and can create relationships with its audience through thoughtful interaction. In our case at cPanel, our developers should hear from you and you should hear from our developers. Community Management sits within the Product Development team, so we’ll be keeping track of our Feature Requests, sending out release notes, and keeping you all informed on the rest of development activities.

Community management is a relatively new position in the industry and I am really excited to be able to play a role in how it evolves. In the context of cPanel, we have some really great visions for our community. In the physical space, we’d like to see cPanel increase its visibility and become a cornerstone of the tech community here in Houston. Internally, we are knocking down silos and facilitating opportunities for knowledge sharing and collaboration. To our stakeholders, users, partners, and online community; we’d are always finding new ways to provide a space for clear, transparent communication, an outlet for feedback, and a place to exchange ideas.

How Can We Help?

As benny envisioned in the beginning, we have an open line of communication here at cPanel. We encourage you all to keep asking questions, keep filling out Feature Requests and keep having thoughtful conversations on our forums. We are constantly looking for new ways to connect with our audience.

The best way to connect is in person, which you can do at this year’s cPanel Conference in October! We’re still accepting speaker submissions, and we know you want to visit us in Houston. If you can’t make it to Houston, stay tuned because we will soon be opening up Slack and Discord channels!


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