Hi. I’m benny. How can I help?

Hi. I’m benny.

I like American football (though I don’t care to remember most player names or team stats), I read (though not as often as I like), and I make things (craft, food, websites, etc).

I’ve been in the hosting industry for more than 10 years, at cPanel for 2.5, and still love (nearly) all of it.

I am also filling cPanel’s newest position: Community Manager.

How can I help?

Too often business (and personal) conversations start with a pitch, or an ask. Too often we evaluate quickly, ruthlessly, if the conversation is worth our attention and our time. Too often that means that the quietest and most important voices aren’t heard; users are left feeling frustrated and angry.

cPanel is just as guilty of not encouraging productive feedback as any other company. As our development has improved over the last ten years, and our customer base has grown, we have slowly created a disconnect between what we are creating and what our customers actually want. Our customers have seen it as well, but we want to change that. It starts today.

Organizationally the Community Manager position is on the development side of the house, which has given us all kinds of interesting ideas for this position. What the creation of this position means for you, and for us, is something we get to decide together. I cannot express how excited I am to hear your ideas.

The communication lines are officially more open than they have ever been before. Comment below, tweet me (@cpaneldev), or email me (benny@cpanel.net). I’m genuinely interested in every bit of feedback that you have. It might be a long road to convincing you of that, but I’m here for it if you are.


How can I help?

That’s how cPanel and I want to start this conversation and every conversation that comes after.

benny Vasquez

scripter, crafter, cPanel's Manager of Community Engagement. Facilitating communication between cPanel's amazing development team, and cPanel's amazing community. Find me on twitter: @cpaneldev

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