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Hello From a cPanel Newbie

Hey cPanel Community! I’m Joanna, the newest addition to the cPanel Marketing team. I wanted to introduce myself, say hello, and share a few quick tidbits.

A career move can sometimes be a bit overwhelming – new faces, new responsibilities, new things to learn, new surroundings. I was recently asked about my time here at cPanel and what I am most surprised to learn about the company. Having just a few weeks under my belt, I’ve immediately noticed two things.

One, cPanel is stocked full of intelligent and friendly folks who really value customers and the product. Many companies are great at talking the talk, but I’ve observed that cPanel walks the walk.

Two, cP Conference is going to be really wonderful and weird.

I know you may be thinking that this is an overly contrived blog post to get in good with all of my new co-workers. But it’s the truth. You can track me down in Houston or at cP Conference and ask me in person.

Since coming on board, I’ve witnessed everyone working really hard to make this year’s conference a memorable event. The speakers are all busy preparing their session talks and honing their presentations to deliver meaningful sessions to attendees. The marketing group is hard at work finalizing event details and making sure that it’s going to be a great experience for attendees. And did you hear that we’ve just announced this year’s speaker line-up?

I look forward to (hopefully) meeting many of you in Portland for a weird time. Which session are you most looking forward to?

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