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Dev Update: cPanel & WHM version 56 peaks, version 58 begins

The next few weeks of cPanel’s development cycle are incredibly exciting for us. We recently pushed cPanel & WHM version 56 to the CURRENT tier, and have started in on what we want to include in version 58. Let’s look at some of the features in each of those!


We’ve been working hard to bring version 56 to you, and it has been in the CURRENT tier for a couple weeks, and will be moved to the RELEASE tier soon. We will be spending a few weeks covering the new features in v56, but I want to highlight just a few of the things coming to a server near you:

1) Tool to convert an Addon domain to its own account.

This version of the tool is very simple, and we’re planning to expand its functionality in v58 and beyond. We’re very much looking forward to the feedback from our users. Take a quick look here in the screenshots below.

Tool for Converting Addon Domain
Tool for Converting Addon Domain
Tool for Converting Addon Domain
Tool for Converting Addon Domain


 2) Email account password resets

In v56 we added functionality to the User Manager that was introduced in v54. As of v56 you can now add secondary email addresses to your accounts, allowing for even FTP users to reset their own passwords without contacting the cPanel account owner. Take a look at one example screenshots below.


3) Server Configuration Transfer Tool Addtion

This addition to the transfer tool will allow you to backup and copy server configurations between servers. This will allow you to duplicate the Backup configuration (only the new system, not the legacy system), Tweak Settings, Apache profiles, cPanel Themes, and Exim configuration files with ease. There’s a command line version tool that acts a bit like package account and allows you to create compressed backups of each of those configurations as well. Check out our documentation, or look at this post from last week!


4) Site Publisher

We have introduced an incredibly simple, one-page website builder to prevent the most common cancellation reason our Partners get: “I never did anything with it”. Rather than screenshots or a video for this one, take a look at Adam’s blog post that talks all about it.


At the beginning of March the Product Owners at cPanel had their planning meeting and put together a list of things we want to deliver in v58. This image shows some of what we’re working on:

v58 planning

There’s a lot to be done, and a lot can change between planning and release, but we’re excited. Here are our goals:

1) Make PHP faster in a base install

In order to do that, we have a list of upgrades:

Make EA4 (EasyApache 4) the default on new installs
Add PECL/PEAR support in EA4
Upgrade IonCube to 5.6 in EA4
Make PHP-FPM the default PHP handler in EA4

2) Update our of date 3rd party software

We’re going to be updating a lot of the software that we bundle in, and make it easier for us to maintain at the same time. The short list of things we hope to update includes (but is not limited to):

Upgrade Internal PHP to 5.6
Upgrade Angular js bootstrap 0.12 -> 1.2.5
Remove Bandmin

3) cPanel user subaccounts

We want to see full cPanel subaccount support. These would be ideal for users who want to provide access to a website developer, or similar legitimate use for a secondary user.

For more information on what’s changing in v58, check out our post “Big Changes in cPanel & WHM Version 58” from Sarah K. last week!

Feature requests!

If you have a request that you don’t see listed there, or have a new idea, make sure it’s on our Feature Request site! If your request has already been submitted but isn’t on the list, feel free to point it out to me. I might be able to give you a better idea of when it’s coming. There’s big things in the works, and we’re incredibly excited. For sneak peeks, follow me on twitter. As always, feel free to email me with any questions you have!

benny Vasquez

scripter, crafter, cPanel's Manager of Community Engagement. Facilitating communication between cPanel's amazing development team, and cPanel's amazing community. Find me on twitter: @cpaneldev

  • cPanelbenny

    Our current anticipated push to CURRENT is next week!

  • nobody

    Sounds like it’s safe to upgrade since you listened and won’t be won’t be ruining the x3 theme until version 60? Please confirm that NOTHING will be changed with the x3 theme with version 58.

    • cPanelbenny

      That is correct. We won’t be making any changes to the existing x3 installs. In the most recent Development update ( ), I mentioned that we also won’t be shipping it with new installs as of version 60.

      • nobody

        ok then I should never upgrade after version 58 then because you will be ruining cpanel at version 60?

        • cPanelbenny

          You will be completely able to upgrade without impacting your existing install of x3 at all, but there may be unanticipated results. I definitely don’t recommend not upgrading as a solution.

          • nobody

            You just said two separate and conflicting things. “you can upgrade but it will have bad results so you shouldn’t upgrade”, and “I recommend upgrading”. Which is it? Speak Clearly!

          • cPanelbenny

            I’m very sorry that what I said wasn’t clear.

            Not upgrading to version 60 when it is released means you will not be able to provide your users access to new features and will limit updates from us to security fixes. For this reason I recommend that all of our users make sure their servers stay up to date.

            As you indicated that x3 is important to you, I wanted to make sure that I offered caution, however, since we’re dropping support for (and therefore no longer providing quality assurance testing for) x3 in v60, there may be bugs that we won’t know about before you upgrade.

            x3 has served us well for 10 years, but has been replaced by Paper Lantern. There is a x3-alike style for Paper Lantern available to help in situations where you want to retain the look and feel of x3 in a supported environment.

            Ultimately only you can choose which is potentially more important to you and your users. Please do let me know if you have any other questions that I can answer!

          • nobody

            NOT UPGRADING TO VERSION 60 MEANS YOU WILL NOT HAVE TO SEVERELY DEGRADE THE QUALITY OF CPANEL AND FORCE ALL YOUR CUSTOMERS TO LEAVE YOU FOREVER ONCE THEIR CPANEL DRASTICALLY CHANGES TO AN UNWANTED STYLE IN VERSION 60. By NOT upgrading to version 60, you will be providing your customers the maximum experience afforded by cpanel by not destroying their user experience and forcing them to use the piece of s hit otherwise known as the “paper lantern” more like “paper sh it”.

          • nobody

            NOT UPGRADING TO VERSION 60 MEANS YOU WILL NOT HAVE TO SEVERELY DEGRADE THE QUALITY OF CPANEL AND FORCE ALL YOUR CUSTOMERS TO LEAVE YOU FOREVER ONCE THEIR CPANEL DRASTICALLY CHANGES TO AN UNWANTED STYLE IN VERSION 60. By NOT upgrading to version 60, you will be providing your customers the maximum user experience afforded by cpanel by not destroying their user experience and not forcing them to use the piece of unwanted gаrbаge otherwise known as the “paper lantern” also known as “paper gаrbаge”.

          • cPanelbenny

            I sincerely appreciate how invested you are in cPanel’s success and am genuinely interested in any productive feedback that you would like to provide. If you’re willing to spend the energy, please do send me an email with any specific things that you prefer about x3 and I’ll see what I can do to get those ideas integrated! will get you straight to me.

          • nobody


          • cPanelbenny

            Hi again! Our feedback (excepting a few very emphatic x3 lovers like yourself) has been overwhelmingly positive. Indeed, a few of the people who were initially not fans of Paper Lantern provided us with actionable feedback that has converted them! The majority of hosting providers have switched to Paper Lantern already, with great success.

            Can you provide me a list of the specific things that you prefer in x3 over Paper Lantern?

          • nobody

            “very few” = 99% of all people want to keep x3. Almost 0% want to be forced to downgrade to paper lantern. The ONLY reason anyone is using paper lantern is because in your software you FORCED ALL NEW CPANELS to downgrade to paper lantern with only manual option to change it back hidden in settings. If you had not done this evil thing, no one would have CHOSEN paper lantern. Your “stats” on people using it is A LIE because NO ONE actually made a CHOICE to switch, your software forced them and most people didn’t know how to change it back to x3 like they wanted.

          • cPanelbenny

            I appreciate your continued engagement here. I do hear that you feel like you were forced into an unwanted upgrade, and I know that can be frustrating. Is there a list of the specific things that you prefer in x3 over Paper Lantern?

          • nobody


          • cPanelbenny

            I am so sorry to hear you say that. Unfortunately, that isn’t something we can promise at this time.

          • nobody


  • Sgt_Bilko

    How long is it likely to be before V58 is available? I would really like to see http2 server push enabled in cPanel.

    • cPanelbenny

      Hi there! v58 is currently available in the EDGE tier, and will hit Feature Freeze this week. Our cycle is a bit askew this month, which means v58 won’t likely be ready for CURRENT for around three weeks. It won’t include http2 server push support, but that’s a great idea! I’d love to see you propose it on the feature request site( ). Let me know if you have any other questions!

      • Sgt_Bilko

        I upgraded to v56 yesterday so I figured it was safe now to try EasyApache 4 and give PHP7 a try. No problems at all and super fast.

        I am plan to start offering web design services for local small businesses and it caught my eye on this blog how v58 will allow cPanel user sub accounts. Am I correct in thinking this would allow me to legitimately host client’s sites easily on my VPS and provide them with limited cPanel access that is suitable for the average unskilled user? I have a managed VPS including cPanel with full root access.

        Speed is essential these days and after CloudFlare enabled http 2 server push I wanted to enable it the same day but discovered it’s not possible if you are using cPanel… I’ll be sure to post a request on the link you mentioned.

        • cPanelbenny

          That’s fantastic! I’m so glad you’re enjoying EA4. We’ve put a lot of effort into making it easy to user, and super fast.

          For sub-users it’s slightly different. It seems like what you want to use is cPanel accounts, and just limit the features that those users have access to. If you’re keen, I’d love to see you open up a ticket with our support staff ( ) and have them help you through deciding what’s best for you.

          Thanks for your feature request, too! I’ll review it and get it approved.

          • Sgt_Bilko

            I am glad to say all my sites are working without a hitch using PHP7 but EA4 makes it so easy to test and choose whichever version you want on a site by site basis. It’s amazing.

            A lot of web designers like to host websites for clients on their own servers, so they have control over the server environment. Many clients are completely clueless so I had hoped to provide them with a really basic control panel where they can simply manage the most basic details for that one domain like setting up an email account.

            I haven’t started offering my services yet and I’m just working on the business plan but it would be very low volume with just one or two small sites a month and these are all static html with no databases to worry about. Having spoken to a few potential clients I know they would want me to handle everything including the hosting, so I’ll try opening a ticket for further information.

          • cPanelbenny

            I’m so glad to hear that, and I’m excited for you! Let me know if I can help in any way at all.

  • Vance Hallman

    I heard that Let’s Encrypt Cpanel support is in 58. Is there a target release date for PROD?

    • cPanelbenny

      Hi there! We don’t yet have a release date planned. We’re hoping to push our first EDGE build next week, and are aiming for a move to CURRENT in late June or early July.

  • Scott Neader

    Benny, can you make the screen shots clickable? Too small here to be usable.

    • cPanelbenny

      Hey Scott! I’ve both made them slightly bigger and made them clickable. Let me know if that is better for you.

      • Scott Neader

        It’s PERFECT. Thanks!!

        • cPanelbenny

          No problem at all!

  • This is really great progress, the addon converter will be a great help, and the site publisher is a really nice touch!

    • cPanelbenny

      Thank you! We’re excited about everything that’s coming along. 🙂

  • Andy

    > Make PHP-FPM the default PHP handler in EA4

    Yet as of CP 56, you’re now emailing server admins explaining that PHP-FPM is an insecure configuration due to no chroot jail / symlink protection and recommending mod_ruid2?

    Would seem there needs some internal discussion to be had before these decisions are made.

    • cPanelbenny

      Yup, there sure is! There’s a large amount of motion still there, but we’re definitely aiming to make it just as secure as our current recommendations.