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Configuration Clusters in cPanel & WHM version 11.44

cPanel & WHM version 11.44 will introduce a new feature to help you manage configurations for multiple servers quickly and easily.

New Configuration Cluster interface in cPanel & WHM version 11.44

The Configuration Cluster interface in WHM will allow root users to access a configuration cluster, with a master server and one or more additional servers, using their remote access keys. You can then choose to share certain server configuration settings for the master server with other servers in the cluster. These settings will push to all of the configuration cluster servers whenever you make changes to the master server, saving time and making it easier than ever to add new cPanel & WHM servers.

Initially, this feature will only allow you to share settings from WHM’s Update Preferences interface. However, we plan to add configuration cluster integration to more features in the near future.

Send your settings from Update Preferences interface to multiple servers.
Sharing settings from Update Preferences interface with multiple servers

Integrated interfaces will include an option to share settings with configuration cluster servers and will display a confirmation message, indicating success or detailing any issues.

Confirmation of successful update to configuration cluster server from Update Preferences interface.
Confirmation of successful update to configuration cluster server from Update Preferences interface

We need your feedback!

Are there specific cPanel & WHM features that you want to see integrated with the Configuration Cluster feature? Let us know in the comments section below or add your voice to the conversation on our Feature Requests page. You can create a new feature request for the interfaces that you want to see most or vote for feature requests that other users have submitted.

  • James Tan

    how about configuration where we can setup multi purpose server with one account? Example having a shared quota rules that apply bandwidth limit and disk space usage across 2 servers that one for web and another for email? is this feature available?

    • cPanelbenny

      That’s not currently an option, but is certainly something we’ve discussed. There are a couple of feature requests that might be applicable on our feature request site, that I would love to see you add your voice to ( ). If you have any other questions, feel free to open up a ticket with our support team ( ) or email me:

  • David Schnardthorst

    Good locations for pushing configurations:
    * Tweak Settings
    * Configure Customer Contact
    * Server Contacts -> Contact Manager
    * Everywhere under Service Configuration
    * Branding

  • zxoiesru

    This is NOT
    Centralized Server Management

  • Netsimpel

    Nice feature, It would be great a step forward to make CPanel High Available when it automatically sync accounts.

  • Thank you…
    آپلود عکس

  • The cluster configuration should be NOT enabled/disabled on page of services but in cluster settings. Now I don’t know from “configuration cluster” which server is master.

    It should be set on this page, ie.

    server XYT, type: MASTER. key …

    1. packages [yes/no] <very important
    2. features list [yes/no] < very important
    3. branding [yes/no] < very important becouse hosting providers have own headers …!
    4. upgrade settings [yes/no]
    5. easyapache setings [yes/no]
    6. exim setings [yes/no]
    7. tweak setings [yes/no]
    8. plugins installation [yes/no]
    9. ….other

    10. all WHM setings (rewrites all above) [yes/no]


  • tvonthebrain

    Really need to have this exported at least to settings. It makes no sense to have this just in ‘update preferences’, honestly, since that’s the easiest thing to change.

    • Todd Rinaldo

      Do you mean “Tweak Settings”?

      • tvonthebrain


  • Marcelo Martinez


    What about security?
    For example the master server is for one customer and the slave servers are for other customers, is there a security risk in this case? For example, the customers will be able to login the master server with the key?

    • Todd Rinaldo

      Yes. That would be a security risk. The master server has the equivalent of root on all of the other servers. Any server can revoke the master’s access to their server. The clients have NO access to the master or any other server the master controls through this system.

  • Visn

    This is awesome – nuff said.

  • mrshaikh

    I need this feature. This will allow us to run a much bigger cluster and keep it all in sync. Thanks for building this in.

  • Majdi Mgaidia

    IMHO this is the greatest addition to cPanel and it have a great potential. I would love to see it sync different settings (tweak, easyapache, etc..), centralise account management (like Brian described), centralise DNS and make an API for plugin developers to use it for syncing their plugins settings too.

  • Kristoffer Rath Hansen

    This is certainly a good move in my book.

    One question though. How will this feature be different (and / or better) from existing configuration management systems like puppet, chef, etc., etc.?

    • Todd Rinaldo

      Assuming infinite time and resources, nothing is different from puppet / chef assuming you can code the logic to do the synchronization yourself.

      This work would be built into cPanel so synchronization logic would be adjusted along with any cPanel changes to interfaces / files.

      • Kristoffer Rath Hansen

        Okay. Do you also plan on adding for example tweak settings? Maybe even make it available to plugin developers, so for example csf would be able to sync its rules across servers?

        What about custom things to integrate into your own stuff?

        There are a lot of opportunities in this.

        • Todd Rinaldo

          Yes. this is just the first screen so we can get feedback. For all we know people might use it and throw nothing but hate at us for the idea. The plan was to code as little as possible, get it out in 11.44 and get commentary on how we can improve before we start coding the entire system to support this.

          As for what will be added next, see the “Feature Requests” link above:

          Vote early vote often!

          • Dustin Salmons

            The community has been asking for cluster support for well over 4 years now, so I doubt ANYONE will hate you for the idea they have been asking for 😉 Well, those of us that run over 100 boxes anyway. But I would like to say thank you to the CP team for moving forward with this. Once it matures a bit so tweak settings and service configs can be synced / restarted, it will help admins work more ON the business instead of IN the business. Take care

  • Good idea! Right now the expansion of a new server into the mix of whm/cpanel servers for a host is disjointed. It would be great to be able say “You know my (easy)Apache configuration, I’ve chosen my standard WHM packages and feature sets for what I sell. Here is a new server’s key, Now go and configure it as one of MY servers.”

    Right now you can do that with a long process of exporting your Easy Apache features and importing them to a new server and doing the build and manually picking and chosing the plans to copy over, but it is not a smooth process. Also changes to packages occur on one machine and not the rest unless you re-export. So your machine configurations can drift.

    If cluster management kept package and feature changes in line across all of the servers, that would be a big step forward.

    • Todd Rinaldo

      Yep. In addition to packages, we are also speculating that screens like list account could give access to view/edit remote accounts in the cluster. No research has yet been done to determine the sanity/complexity of this idea…

      • If you had a single list account screen with a column for server name, that would be pretty slick. Of course you’d need to be able to choose the server from a drop down to move the account from one to another. I could see it becoming confusing if there was a copy of an account on a second server.

        • Haiko Schürer

          Would also be nice in that shared list, that you also could see/search addon/parked domains accross all servers in the same list where the accounts is, instead of multiple places 🙂