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Should We Take cPanel Conference on the Road?

In a recent blog post, I mentioned that we’ve started thinking about some new and exciting ways to reach out to cPanel partners and customers in 2016 and beyond. Now that cPanel Conference 2015 is behind us and we’ve announced Portland, Oregon as the location for next year’s event, it seems like the perfect time to get this conversation started.

cP | A Company of People

cPanel CEO J. Nick Koston opened cPanel Conference 2015 with a a keynote that was so eloquent, so stirring that we decided to share it with you all! See the full transcript below.

cPanel Conference 2015: The Highlight Reel

So many brilliant things happened at cPanel Conference 2015 that it’s difficult to know where to begin. So I’ll just touch upon some our favorites. Oh, and guess what? Our favorites happened to be our attendees’ favorites too. I know this because they told us by posting on the cPanel Conference App. Watching the timeline was the best way to keep up each day as we expanded our minds in Denver, Colorado.

We’re Excited for cPanel Conference | WHMCS Guest Post

With just a few days to go until the cPanel Conference 2015, we’re very excited! As our premier conference of the year, alongside our sister company cPanel, cPanel Conference is always very productive and great fun. For us this year, the focus is on talking to customers about the recent changes we’ve made in Version 6, and what they’d like to see in 2016. Since the Version 6.0 release, just 2 months ago, over …

The Resurgence of the Website Builder | Weebly Guest Post

Come mid-September, the Weebly team will head to Denver for cPanel Conference. This will be my 5th year attending cPanel Conference and I am thrilled that Weebly is a main sponsor. Aaron Phillips and team have consistently put on an outstanding show and this year will be no different.  After attending a number of Hosting conferences this year including WorldHostingDays.USA, WorldHostingDays.Germany and …

cPanel World Tour: Crossing the International Date Line

Last week, I traveled to distant and exotic lands with cPanel’s CEO, Nick Koston; CBO, Aaron Phillips; Account Manager, Brenda Gehringer; and Product Owner, Travis Ellis, to exhibit at WHD.australia and Okay, so Australia and Singapore may not be exotic, but they are really far away from Houston, TX. cPanel Down Under The first leg of our trip took us to Sydney, Australia, where we not only exhibited at WHD.australia, but we also got …

Hosting Providers Come in All Shapes and Sizes

Small Business Spotlight | Wiki Hosting Hosting providers and cPanel customers come in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes they are large data centers with millions of customers, and other times, they’re a 16-year old kid from Pakistan with a love for technology and unshakable entrepreneurial spirit. Waleed Dilawar Chughtai, while studying and preparing for his A-levels, also spends his time  learning about technology and growing his business, Wiki Hosting. Whether it’s nature or …

One of the Best Valued Conferences in Tech

Conferences are expensive. Often, “upward of a thousand dollars” expensive. You’ve probably already read countless articles, emails, and social media posts from companies detailing the networking possibilities and learning opportunities guaranteed to those that attend their show. And while they’re mostly spot-on, few can provide the one-of-a-kind experience at the same value offered to attendees of cPanel Conference (and I’m not just saying that because I work for the company).

See You at HostingCon Global!

Next week, the cPanel team is packing their bags and heading to the Golden State for HostingCon Global 2015. The theme of this year’s conference is “Discover What’s Possible,” a notion that couldn’t be more of a paradigm for our business. A look into the future Guests of HostingCon Global will enjoy a special cPanel treat, a tour though our Product Roadmap. They’ll learn about upcoming features and new tools scheduled to debut in the …

The New WHMCS | Guest Blog Post

WHMCS, the most popular web host billing and automation platform for cPanel web hosts, recently launched a major new update that brings with it a whole host of new features and improvements. Now, in version 6.0, we’re proud to introduce a platform that’s not only more powerful, but one with the tools to create a more unified experience between WHMCS and the cPanel & WHM dashboard. WHMCS Connect WHMCS Connect …