Big Changes in cPanel & WHM version 58

Several big changes are coming in cPanel & WHM version 58. As we continue to work on these changes, we want to get your feedback! Here’s a few of the big changes we’re working on.

Bandmin removal

We are currently working to remove bandmin from our product. We want to know… do you still use bandmin, and if so, how and why do you use it?

Bandwidth information is available in other ways. For example, while server admins and bandmin users can visit their users’ domains (for example,, this information is also available cPanel’s Bandwidth interface (Home >> Metrics >> Bandwidth). 

If you currently use bandmin, could you be equally effective using the Bandwidth interface?

Roundcube RPM

We are converting Roundcube into an RPM, which also changes how you customize Roundcube. In cPanel & WHM version 58 and later, you will customize Roundcube by modifying and rebuilding the source RPM (SRPM).

Do you currently customize Roundcube, and will you feel able to do the same customizations through modifying the SRPM?

Other changes

We’re also working on some other big changes. Each of these projects will likely have their own outreach as we get closer to release, so look for more information on these in the future:

  • EasyApache 4 will become the default.
  • PHP-FPM or mod-ruid2 may replace suPHP as the default.
  • We are updating our internal PHP, which might affect partner plugins.
  • We are updating several JS dependencies, including the removal of angular-ui-utils.
  • We are removing stunnel support.

9 responses to “Big Changes in cPanel & WHM version 58”

  1. cPanelbenny says:

    Hey Gene! Based on our research Bandmin was used by very, very few customers. Once you have upgraded to 58 there isn’t a good way to restore Bandmin. I’d be very interested in hearing how you use it currently. When we announced its removal here, on the EDGE-users list, and on the plugin developers list there was no reaction from the users there.

  2. Gene Steinberg says:

    I use Bandmin. Am I the only one? Now that v58 is CURRENT, is there no way to restore Bandmin?

  3. Jacob P says:

    We’ve had EA4 in the product now for 3 releases, and each time it’s only gotten more stable and with more enhancements. I’d *highly* recommend trying it out in v56 to get an idea of what’s there and how to administer it. This will ease your and your customers transitions into v58. I hope this helps!

  4. Jon says:

    So, essentially, we should not move to EA4 prior to v58?

  5. Jacob P says:


    EA4 will be considered ‘Production’ in v58. While it’s mostly built on RPMs, there’s some underlying code the cPanel codebase that adds additional enhancements and stability.

  6. Jacob P says:

    EA3 will still be available via a touch flag 🙂

  7. Jon says:

    Considering EasyApache 4 will be the default version of EasyApache starting with version 58, I was looking to move my servers over prior to the 58 upgrade. The EasyApache 4 install script warned that EasyApache 4 itself is in beta still. Is there a timeframe where EasyApache 4 will be considered stable prior to v58 being released as “Release” or “Current”? Assuming there is, can you let us know when that may be?

  8. @mariorodriguez  says:

    This will still be an option for the time being, however that will change.

  9. Lewis says:

    You say you plan to make EasyApache 4 as default, but will EasyApache 3 still be an option?

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