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Keeping your CMS safe and secure

Website security is one of the most important aspects of running an online presence. A hacked website can lead to countless hours of debugging and repair, loss of income, to loss of credibility and lawsuits. With over 30,000 new small business website hacks a day and numerous corporation breaches, not a day goes by without a compromised site showing up in the news. Over the past decade, hackers have targeted the top three open-source Content Management Systems: 

Level up with cPanel University from home

If we have learned one thing from the 2020 COVID-19 situation, access to online resources and training is vital to keep businesses going. Online education has exploded due to school closures, and the learn-from-home approach has become the current standard. The hosting industry has also thrived in this arena, for example, Alibaba Cloud deployed more than 100,000 new cloud servers in two hours and set a new record for rapid capacity expansion.  At cPanel, our work is a hybrid …

Scale Up Your Hosting Business By Serving Your Customers

The web hosting industry has made significant changes in the past decade, and customer expectations have moved far beyond storage to a services-driven market. In 2020 there are about 2 billion websites online, and a new domain is registered every 2 seconds. The growth of the internet continues to reach new highs and new markets. In the hosting sector, growth can come in many forms. How does a hosting company increase revenue and continue to …

The Changing Web Hosting Business Model

Starting your own web hosting business is much simpler now that technology and customer reach is improving, but the model is still changing all the time. During the “Wild West” era of the internet 20+ years ago, users were confined to a small number of web hosting providers. At that time, hard drive/storage space was quite limited, ranging from 35KB to 2MB, depending on the provider. For shared hosting, the average storage space was just 153MB. In …