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How to create your own name servers

Often times we receive emails, calls or chats where a customer wants to know how to start a Hosting Company or Service.  Since cPanel makes it so easy to do this, their obvious choice is to use our Software to host websites for their clients, friends or family.  An important part of “branding” their service is to instruct their hosting customers to use custom nameservers that will need to …

The Importance of Using Protection | The Ins and Outs of Firewalls

We do a lot of posts on server protection because honestly — it’s pretty important. This time around we wanted to highlight and breakdown one of the most common tools used to protect your machine: the firewall. In this tips and tricks, we’ll go over what is a firewall, how it works, and why there’s no excuse to not be using one.   What is a firewall?  Divided into network-based  or host-based, a …

Starting a new Hosting Service

During my time here at cPanel, I have noticed that there were a number of tickets that I worked on in Technical Support where questions were asked about how to do things related to how to host a site.  My objective in this article is to introduce anyone who is interested in starting a hosting service to cPanels resources to help with this endeavor.  We do salute …

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