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3 cPanel Plugins for Added Server Security

In the vast, seemingly limitless space known as the internet, you can find almost anything your heart desires. A recipe for the perfect quiche, instructions on creating survival knots, and of course — endless hours of kitty videos. However, while there are tons of amazing things on the web, there’s also lots of dangerous things out there that can put your server and your digital information at risk. Below, we’ve highlighted some of our favorite apps and plugins that will help protect your servers and fight off the malicious ware that’s on the web.

Rootkits are a very popular type of malware that’s not only extremely common but extremely threatening. Rootkits are secretly installed on your server by a malicious intruder and allows the third party root access and nearly full control to the information that sits or passes through your machine. RKHunter is a tool that allows you to guard against rootkits on your virtual private machine. RKhunter scrapes your machine and matches it against a database of known rootkits. This easy to install plugin remedies this type of security invasion from the root and closes of entry ways for further attacks.

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Admin-Ahead Linux Malware Detect
This nifty plugin, which slots right into your WHM interface, allows you to detect threats on your shared hosting environment. This special Linux Malware Detection scanner tracks active threats and creates signatures that are used in future detections. However, not only does this software automatically comb your server for malicious software, users can also submit instances of malware to be cataloged and removed from the Admin-Ahead community at large.

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ConfigServer Security and Firewall (CSF)
ConfigServer Security and Firewall (CSF) is such a popular malware protection tool for your server that many argue that this plugin is a prerequisite when it comes to creating an online hosting environment. Easily managed from within the WHM dashboard, CSF is a script that allows you to lock down public access services and protect against brute force attacks and other types of malicious invasions. In addition to its automated functions and firewall enhancements, CSF’s sophisticated interface even allows users to manually manage an IP whitelist and blacklist. Now, that’s security!

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It’s our duty to help make the internet a little safer; for e-commerce, for data security, and of course — for endless hours of cat videos. So if you haven’t already tested any of these plugins, we highly recommend that you do so. Protecting your server is important for not only your data but for your customer’s data.


JR Miller is a Copywriter and Social Media Marketer. A trained wordsmith and a prolific idea guy, he spends his time developing the voice, tone, and messaging for cPanel.

  • Jose Dieguez

    The Admin ahead link, redirects you to the Plesk version instead of the cpanel version.

    • JR

      Thanks! This has been taken care of.

      • Jose Dieguez

        Hi JR, sorry but still appears the plesk version link, already refresh the webpage to see if it was my browser’s cache, but it seems like it has not been edited.

  • Scott Neader

    ConfigServer makes a bunch of amazing scripts. In addition to ConfigServer Firewall (CSF), my other favorites are ConfigServer eXploit Scanner (CXS), ConfigServer Mail Manage (CMM), ConfigServer Mail Queues (CMQ) and ConfigServer ModSec Control (CMC). Most of these are free, but they DO welcome donations. I have signed up for a monthly donation subscription and I hope many of you consider doing the same.

  • These are all great utilities, I’m glad to see them highlighted here, especially the firewall which is truly vital.

  • Metalp3n