PHP 5.5.1 *EXPERIMENTAL* Available in EasyApache 3.22.2

The long-awaited PHP 5.5 in all of its PHP 5.5.1 goodness is now available through EasyApache 3.22.2

However, PHP 5.5 is only available for cPanel & WHM version 11.38 and later. Also, PHP 5.5 is only currently available for CentOS 6, but it will be available for CentOS 5 in an upcoming version of EasyApache.
Currently it is incompatible with the following:

* Zend Guard

* Source Guardian

* eAccelerator

* ionCube Loader

* xCache

These modules will be disabled automatically if you select PHP 5.5.1 in EasyApache.

Because of incompatibility with these modules, we have marked this release as *EXPERIMENTAL*. We recommend that you test your scripts and applications on PHP 5.5.1 before you upgrade your production servers.

The EasyApache team will update these modules as their developers make compatible versions available. As stated previously, a CentOS 5-compatible version is also in development. Once all compatibility issues have been resolved, the EXPERIMENTAL tag will be removed.

It is our goal to remove the EXPERIMENTAL tag in early 2014.

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7 Responses to PHP 5.5.1 *EXPERIMENTAL* Available in EasyApache 3.22.2

  1. flamethemes says:

    Any updates on this?

  2. Milton Bryant says:

    I’m curious about the status of this as well. We’re looking forward to being able to use PHP 5.5, but we need the compatibility for at least one of the software.

  3. Scott says:

    The PHP 5.5 experimental tag has been removed in EasyApache 3.26.0.

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