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SSL Improvements for cPanel & WHM

The internet is brimming with online stores, merchant gateways, and more e-commerce solutions than you can shake a stick at. With such a quickly growing market, the ability to securely communicate across a network became a necessity. Technologies, like SSL … Continue reading

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WHIR Mixer, Phoenix Style

After visiting with a partner in Phoenix, cPanel co-sponsored a WHIR mixer event on April 18th, a first for our new Account Manager, Linda. Business cards were exchanged, and door prizes weren’t your average swag. People walked away winning an … Continue reading

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Open Resolver Handling with Bind on CentOS 5.x cannot Update to 9.7[Workaround][Old]

Edit: This information is old and may longer be relevant. An open resolver is a DNS server, which will allow a recursive query of an arbitrary domain from any IP address. An open resolver can be used in a reflection … Continue reading

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Motherboards are My Shoes

We can break down all of the web traffic into one of two categories. These categories have nothing to do with the device we choose to access the web: no it’s something much more instinctual than that. For all of … Continue reading

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Backup Improvements for cPanel & WHM

Backups are a crucial part of any hosting plan. The panic and worry of a site crashing can keep a website owner up at night. For many people, a website is more than a digital presence, a website is means … Continue reading

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